Questionable Motives

October 1, 2009

Synesthesia and metaphor

Filed under: Culture,Science — tildeb @ 1:04 pm

A fascinating talk about synesthesia and how it relates its genetic underpinnings with understanding metaphor. How cool is that?

Synesthesia comes in two ‘flavours’:

1) a cognitive state in which stimuli to a sensory input will also trigger sensations in one or more other sensory modes, and

2) a category state that involves synesthetic additions to culture-bound cognitive categorizations like letters, numbers, and people’s names associated or categorized with some kind of sensory addition, such as smell, colour, or flavour.

Listen to the conversation between CBC’s Quirks and Quarks host Bob McDonald and Dr. Richard Cytowic, author of Wednesday is Indigo Blue here

Famous musical synesthetics? Check this out.

Want to find out if you’re synesthetic? Register and take the test here.


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