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October 12, 2009

Brotherly Love from Mr. Blair

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Tony BlairSo how does Blair suggest that we heighten toleration and respect between religious communities? Burns the Jews? Nope. Stone the women who have the audacity to get raped? Nope. How about another ludicrous and ignorantly offensive claim? Yup.

Blair stated that people of faith “face an aggressive secular attack from without” and “the threat of extremism from within,” and went further in making a rhetorical equivalency between nonbelievers and those who inflict harm and death in the name of their religion, saying:

These challenges are not for Muslims alone or Christians or Jews, Hindus or Buddhists for that matter. They are challenges for all people of faith. Those who scorn God and those who do violence in God’s name, both represent views of religion. But both offer no hope for faith in the twenty first century. The best hope for faith in the twenty first century is that we confront all of this together.

I’m gobsmacked at the sheer audacity of such a link, the serpentine logic that makes outspoken atheists AND Al Qaeda supporters seem to be in the same camp. And from this starting position, Blair believes to enhance brotherly love of the mutually respecting kind, eh? Love your neighbour? Not if he or she’s an atheist, apparently. And while we’re at it, lets point out the great threat that those who support secular laws that respect human rights and dignity inflict on the ability of the faithful to be tolerant and respectful.

Read the article here and weep.


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