Questionable Motives

October 17, 2009

Discovery Institute’s Behe needs remedial schooling on what probabilities mean

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From The Blind Locksmith and a letter posted there authored by Dr. Joe Thornton destroying the Intelligent Design criticism about the impossibility on a genetic level of natural selection oDNAffered by Behe.

Finally, Behe erroneously equates “evolving non-deterministically” with “impossible to evolve.”  He supposes that if each of a set of specific evolutionary outcomes has a low probability, then none will evolve.  This is like saying that, because the probability was vanishingly small that the 1996 Yankees would finish 92-70 with 871 runs scored and 787 allowed and then win the World Series in six games over Atlanta, the fact that all this occurred means it must have been willed by God.

And people take this guy Behe as a serious scientist? That alone almost qualifies as a miracle.

Consider the future: there are countless possible that could emerge from our present state, making the probability of the one that actually does evolve extraordinarily  low.  Does this mean that the future state that will ultimately emerge is  impossible?  Obviously not.  To say that our present biology did not evolve  deterministically means simply that other states could have evolved instead; it does not imply that it did not evolve.


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