Questionable Motives

November 6, 2009

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks – Dawkins is destroying Western civilization!

moronWhere do these people come from and why do their brains change states with the heat of religious thinking?

The latest victim is Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks.

Ready for the rabbit hole?

From this article, we read that the Rabbi Chief Lord thinks Islam needs to learn to separate theology from power like the Jews and Christians have already done. That would be a Good Thing. But it takes time. It takes a tolerant religious culture for the Muslims to come to this realization themselves, you see. But Europe is losing its religious toleration. That’s a Bad Thing. In the meantime, Muslim families produce more children than non-Muslim families. Why? Why aren’t European women having more babies? Ah, now we’re getting somewhere.

Well, Lord Rabbi Chief links a declining birthrate to secularism. Secularism causes selfishness. Selfishness stops women from having babies. The solution to thwart such selfishness is religion because religion sanctifies the family and parenthood, safeguards us from relativism, and protects moral principles that allows for freedom. But Lo! Religion is under attack! By whom? Who might do such a dastardly thing? Richard Dawkins! That’s right. Richard Dawkins and his cohort of neo-Darwinian attackers of all that is good, which just so happens to be religion, are responsible for the current decline and eventual fall of Western civilization. Chief Lord Rabbi says so!

Damn those secularists. Killing off a civilizations like this. The nerve. But the question I am left with after reading such a brilliant and  insightful piece by his Chiefiness and Lordship of Rabbinical Sackfulness is: Why didn’t I see it before?

Why didn’t I grasp that Dawkins, by promoting evolutionary theory, has put an entire civilization at risk? I’ve been so blind! Why didn’t I intuit that women couldn’t responsibly handle the freedom from reproduction, greedy piggies that they are, that they were just too damned selfish to be trusted to choose parenthood for themselves? I’ve been such a fool. I’ve been played by that Dawkins, looking to fossils and genes and other such nonsense while around me crumbles – crumbles, I tell you! – a civilization with each new wail of a baby born into a family of Muslim parents. I’ve been deaf as well as blind!

Little did I know that respecting human rights and dignity for all was actually an absurdly stupid thing for me to do because such concerns have already found a safe haven within the loving embrace of religious devotion. Silly me. Nothing says human dignity like standing up for honour killings, and few things can compare with the respect of a person’s rights by means of a suicide bomber. I’ve been had. Not believing in the literal transmutation of cracker to flesh is just too damned selfish of me. If I just believe enough in whatever any religion assures me is the truth, I can do my part to save Western civilization! If I just put aside my concern for science being in the science curriculum and cast out the civ-buster Dawkins from my conscience and learn the controversies like creationism for our ancestry and stork theory for delivering more babies, then I can do my part to make everything all right. Ask not for what my civilization can do for me but what I can procreate on behalf of my civilization! We must, therefore, have religion respected so that women can have more babies and Islam can find peace between power and theology. (Or do we donate $$$ to more Save The Stork foundations? Maybe lobby for more cabbage patch vegetable preserves. I’m not sure… I… I… I don’t know what to think… oh, right, don’t think… be tolerant…)

Phew. Secular evolution almost got me there.

Thank you, Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks for saving us all… from our brains.

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