Questionable Motives

November 25, 2009

Using the law of the State to enforce the Church’s moral code of conduct. It’s illegal in the US, Bishop Tobin!

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From Crooks and Liars:

In a breathtakingly tight argument, Chris Matthews corners Rhode Island Bishop Thomas Tobin, who has banned Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., from receiving Holy Communion due to his views on abortion.

Because here’s the moral hypocrisy at the heart of the Church’s abortion position: If it’s really and truly murder, you’re talking about prosecuting mothers, sisters, lovers and friends for having them. Tweety is quite aggressive with the bishop, demanding to know exactly what legal penalties he thinks should be legislated.

I mean, we won’t even touch the concept of one religion imposing its moral position on everyone else. We don’t have to. Because if you’re saying abortion is murder, you may not create a separate class of penalties under the law. You can’t argue that women “didn’t know what they were doing.” You can’t say they were “confused” or “coerced” if there’s no evidence they were, anymore than you can say that about any other murder for hire. Either she paid someone to murder her child – or she didn’t.

So she has to be tried for murder. The churches can’t have it both ways. They can’t advise forgiveness and legal exemption for one specific class of murders.

And there’s no way the majority of Americans would ever support sending their relatives, neighbors and friends to prison for it.

See the video of the entire interview here.

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