Questionable Motives

December 5, 2009

Can you see where religions alter ‘human rights’ into ‘secularism’?

How is it that respecting human rights has become such a problem for religious institutions?

Hmm. What a mystery.

Maybe it is because religious institutions don’t respect human rights, in spite of all advertising that they do. Of course it would be bad publicity to argue that human rights are an enemy of the faith, so we should not be surprised if the language is changed. And that is exactly what we see: the term human rights is changed before our very eyes into the word secularism.

Just to recap: Human rights… good, and comes from god and is rewarded to believers through religious faith. Secularism… oh my, very bad, and is imposed on people by those evil atheists who worship science and materialism and evolution.

Informed Vatican correspondent, John Allen, puts the battle with secularism at the top of Pope Benedict’s agenda.

This is one reason, he thinks, why the Pope is keen to restore the Latin mass and other distinctive marks of Catholic identity. It is also, he suggests, an important motive for the welcome being given to traditionalist Anglicans. Benedict sees them as allies who will not weaken in the face of a secularist onslaught.

Whether or not Allen is right in his assessment of specific papal policies, there is little doubt that the Vatican is concerned about the way in which human rights are being used to regulate the activities of church organisations or to restrict religious displays in public places.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

From an article here.


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