Questionable Motives

December 12, 2009

Greta Christina responds to Stephen Prothero’s USA Today article: Will more women atheists tone down the debate?

From Christina’s blog:

So apparently, what’s wrong with the atheist movement is that it’s too angry, too confrontational, not friendly enough. And the way to fix that is to get more women into positions of visibility in the movement — since women are so much less angry and so much more friendly than men. Women are reluctant to get into debates over what is and isn’t, you know, true. We’re much more interested in everyone getting along. And that’s what the atheist movement should be about.

No, really.

That’s what professor Stephen Prothero is saying over at USA Today, anyway.

But ultimately, here is what I want to say to Prothero, and his assertion that female atheists will make the movement friendlier and less confrontational:

Suck my dick.

Or, to be more precise:

Suck my dick, you pompous windbag. You think getting more women into the atheist movement means you won’t have to face a fight? Bring it on. You smug, patronizing, cowardly, sexist prick.

Is that friendly enough for you?

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