Questionable Motives

January 18, 2010

Why are so many religious leaders such secular morons?

From the Guardian:

The archbishop of Westminster today claimed secularists were “just as dogmatic as the worst religious believer and sometimes more stridently so”.

Another religious mouthpiece moron.

The Most Rev Vincent Nichols, who is the most senior Catholic in England and Wales, said it was time for believers and non-believers to work together and construct a society in which “reasoned and respectful dialogue” was more common.

The archbishop may well have been referring to events of the previous decade, which has been a difficult one for faith communities and their leaders. Secularist and atheists have become more organised and assertive in their opposition to religious influence in public life. At times, however, the interaction between believers and non-believers has descended into a shouting match with each side claiming the other is wrong. Nichols said that genuine dialogue could only happen if the nature and tone of the conversation changed.

“That means getting away from the sound-bites and getting away from the discussion that is always centred around oppositional conflict.”

But the oppositional conflict is not about whether some private religious belief is justified or true; the opposition is in direct response to various religious leaders like Nichols and his boss in Rome who have had the arrogance and audacity to make yet another unjustified intrusion of their favoured religious beliefs into the public domain with the sole intent to use their religious beliefs to justify their attempts to adversely influence public policy and practices. That’s not an issue of conversational tone nor a refutation of genuine dialogue; that is another religious attack on secular freedoms that once again requires an oppositional response by those who have the courage to stand up for everybody’s secular rights. To then cast these courageous people who do not share a myopic religious delusion as strident dogmatists because they are forced by these religious wing nuts to defend their rights yet again is simply moronic.

And I’m being very kind in that assessment.


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