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January 29, 2010

Why can’t a Pope be honest?

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Once again, our favourite Holy Father – affectionately known by many as Pope Palpatine – steps into the public domain and vilifies those who struggle to establish human rights and dignity into law by associating their secularism – their worldly concerns about real people undergoing real suffering – with a heavenly host of evils like indifference, relativism, hedonism, abuse of Creation, an enemy of the common good, a force against peace, an attack against the centrality of the human person, promoting misery like hunger, poverty, illiteracy, and a cause of unequal distribution of goods. In other words, in the mind of this Pope and his predecessors, secularism is the common enemy of The One True Faith, which just so happens to be the Catholic Church, of course, and the only spiritual institution that is FOR a kind of human rights and dignity agreeable to a misogynistic god.


A good thing that Pope Nazinger has properly identified the culprit that continues to wreak such havoc in the world… you know, the one that brought us those disgusting anti-church (read anti-god) Enlightenment values. And yes, the sum total of these worldly values established by law in liberal democracies is called secularism. And it is under attack by the promoters of superstition. Again.

So what is a good christian to do?

“In a world marked by religious indifference, and even by a growing aversion towards the Christian faith, a new, intense evangelization is necessary, not only among people that have never known the Gospel, but also among those in which Christianity has been spread and is a part of their history,” Pope Benedict said emphatically.

“While we are on the path towards full communion, we are called to offer a shared witness against the ever more complex challenges of our time, including secularization and indifference, relativism and hedonism, the delicate ethical themes regarding the beginning and end of life, the limits of science and technology, dialogue with other religious traditions,” Benedict XVI urged.

There’s saved, and then there is saved. I’m sure that’s what the call to shared witness means when discussing delicate ethical themes – not with evil secularists who are obviously the root cause of so many problems but with other religious traditions. There’s nothing quite like having a dialogue with a tradition to find consensus.  Oh, wait… The One True Faith doesn’t seek consensus. It seeks only a one way conversion to obedience… from those who hold wrong beliefs to those who hold right beliefs.  That’s it. That’s the whole point to the Church regarding humanity with anything close to respect and dignity. But why should these believers in religious totalitarianism have anything meaningful to say about ethics at all? Based on what? Dogma? Why should the religioun fascio be granted a platform to have their unenlightened say about anything at all concerning real people in the real world, never mind beginning and end of life issue and the limits of science and technology? The Church leadership consistently cares only about conversion and obedience, and they are not honest about having a meaningful dialogue with anyone knowledgeable about delicate ethical issues nor actually addressing, never mind solving, worldly problems. Such secular concerns have already been assigned proper blame, ridicule, and scorn by all Catholic Church authorities.

But rest assured: the one thing you won’t hear from any Pope before, during, or after intense evangelization is honesty.


  1. More divine wisdom from the man in a funny hat.

    “The Pope has urged Catholic bishops in England and Wales to fight the UK’s Equality Bill with “missionary zeal”.”

    Comment by misunderstoodranter — February 2, 2010 @ 9:51 am | Reply

    • Funny that I was already writing about that very subject! (Great minds, and all that…)

      Comment by tildeb — February 2, 2010 @ 5:01 pm | Reply

  2. […] have commented on this Pope’s meddling in secular law and public policy before (see here, here, and here). And I use the word ‘meddling’ quite on purpose to counter the lie […]

    Pingback by Why is it a criminal act to support Britain’s Equality bill? « Questionable Motives — February 2, 2010 @ 3:32 pm | Reply

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