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February 1, 2010

What was The Great Disappointment?

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Too funny not to post.

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  1. Yes – very funny, Jesus returning in 1844… hmm he’s a bit late.

    Oddly though people of the Bahá’í Faith, do believe that he did return (as Bab, their messiah – I think?) – quite an interesting religion Bahá’í Faith… sort of a mix of all religions, and quite a good example of how easy it is to establish a belief system, based on mystical interpretations of legend, fantasy and folk law… I doubt the Christian’s or the Muslims are very happy about Bahá’u’lláh claiming to be the realisation of their [Islamic / Christian] prophecies – so as normal I reckon some sort of feud will emerge to justify killings in the name of an imaginary god as usual and doubtless there is a list of apostles and martyrs associated with the Bahá’í Faith – that form a religious hierarchy – just like all religions… [I only wish all faiths could see through this nonsense and then perhaps everyone would get on better].

    The thing I like about that QI clip is it captures the British attitude to religion, very succinctly – and our contempt at the biblical side of the USA (Alan Davies – comment: I am not sure Americans truly understand how embarrassing their evangelical church system really is. Every person on that clip is a well known celebrity in the UK – and it is very representative of the middle class humour that is related to such religious mumbo jumbo.

    Ironically the Church of England, has inoculated the general ‘thinking’ UK public against religious dogma – which is wonderful when you think about it, we reduced the Church to a play thing, and now we can laugh about it publicly. We still use the Church for pompous ceremony, weddings, funerals and stuff, but not many people really believe in it – our Churches stand virtually empty most of the time – and guess what, society has not fallen apart – if anything things have got better, people like Stephen Fry can be open and honest about their sexuality without being persecuted.

    The other thing people need to bear in mind, is that QI is shown on the BBC in the UK – which is the primary TV broadcaster, it is popular and a lot of people watch it – so it stands to reason that any stuff that is shown on it is both representative of the typical viewer of QI, but also the general sentiment of the UK public. The BBC isn’t going to offend their licence fee payers, by making religious jokes, if it didn’t think it could get away with it – which must mean, licence fee payers are generally not right wing Church goers, the whole religion thing is taken with a pinch of salt.

    Ahhh – sanity, the freedom to say what you think – and the broadcasting of rational thought, humour and critical thinking – a beautiful product of a healthy democracy.

    Comment by misunderstoodranter — February 1, 2010 @ 5:40 pm | Reply

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