Questionable Motives

February 5, 2010

Is scientific literacy and religiosity linked?

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Yes, and the results are what is known as a negative correlate: the higher the scientific literacy, the lower the religiosity; the higher the religiosity, the lower the scientific literacy. But the unanswered question remains: why?

From Epiphenom:

This is an analysis of the US General Social Survey, which includes a set of 13 questions on general science topics. As you can see in the graph, people who think the Bible is a book of fables scored nearly 40% higher that those who think it is the literal word of God. (the three categories are Literal Word in green, Inspired By God in pale blue, and Book of Fables in dark blue.) You get a similar result for people who are members of Conservative Protestant sects. What’s more, it persists even after controlling for other factors that might explain the difference – like age, education, income, race, immigrant status and region.

From a much larger international study from the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA):


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