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September 24, 2010

Will it ever get better for LGBTs?

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In support of Billy Lucas, a young gay teen who killed himself, comes the It gets better video series.

Billy Lucas was just 15 when he hanged himself in a barn on his grandmother’s property. He reportedly endured intense bullying at the hands of his classmates—classmates who called him a fag and told him to kill himself. His mother found his body. (From Dan Savage)

Here are Terry and Dan:

(Tip to Pharyngula)


  1. I understand their pain. You dont need to be gay to be on the receiving end of some pretty nasty shit.

    Comment by Titfortat — September 28, 2010 @ 9:04 pm | Reply

    • And the justification for the supposed villainy of homosexuality comes almost entirely from certain religious beliefs. If one takes away the scriptural basis for justifying the ‘sin’ of homosexuality, there is nothing left to base it on. It is bigotry, plain and simple, codified into discriminatory law at the behest of those who support the religious justification. It is immoral and an excellent example of how insidious and odious such religious belief can be.

      Comment by tildeb — September 28, 2010 @ 9:23 pm | Reply

  2. However, some religious people will say that they are not bigoted, and that some people are just bigots including atheists, so therefore religion is not to blame… but for me that just makes religious people less trust worthy, because they can not see (or rather choose not to see) that they are applying a filter to the ‘literal’ word of god, and supporting the fact that morals do not come from being religious, they come from their own sense of self and consciousness.

    At least when you are dealing with a bigot, you know what you are dealing with – dealing with out right lairs is much harder.

    Comment by misunderstoodranter — September 29, 2010 @ 3:14 pm | Reply

    • Depending, of course, on what lives in those lairs!

      Comment by tildeb — September 29, 2010 @ 6:51 pm | Reply

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