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September 28, 2011

What ever happened to Baby Joseph, ‘saved’ by the Priests for Life stormtroopers from the evil clutches of Canadian health care?

Back on March 22 of this year, I posted about why Priests for Life are theological thugs, fanatical religious stormtroopers who prey on the hopes of others to aid and abet and revel in the unnecessary suffering of others in the name of  honouring their god. Their latest victim was Baby Joseph Maracchli who, in October of 2010 at 10 months of age developed a brain fever and became vegetative just like another previous child of the Maracchlis. The family wanted a tracheotomy performed so that they could take the baby home to die but the hospital disagreed on compassionate medical grounds:

Eight physicians at LSHC were unanimously of the opinion that Joseph had no hope of recovery, and there was no possible treatment that could reverse his condition. They quite rightly pointed out what was obvious that he would never get out of bed nor interact meaningfully with his environment. As responsible and caring medical professionals, the doctors sought a second opinion from colleagues in Toronto. The director of the critical care unit for Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto (a world class facility and recognized leader for pediatric medical care) there agreed that further treatment was futile. Joseph’s doctors therefore proposed removing the tube that was assisting his breathing. If he could breathe unaided, he would go home to be cared for by his parents. If not, he would be given medication to ensure that he did not suffer, and allowed to die. A Canadian Superior Court judge ruled in favor of the Canadian hospital, ordering the life support removed.

This is when the Priest for Life entered and through their efforts helped make this sad story into a fundraising campaign, where they spent a considerable amount of donated money to fly the baby to St. Louis and have the tracheotomy. From their warped point of view, the priests were ‘saviors’ of the baby, vilifying the baby’s Canadian health care team in the process. The baby was released at the end of April and went home to Windsor Ontario.

Today, the Windsor Star reports:

Br. Paul O’Donnell, Major Superior at Franciscan Brothers of Peace, posted a message posted early Wednesday reported Baby Joseph had died.

“It is with great sadness that I report to you the passing of our dear Baby Joseph Maraachli. He passed away peacefully at home with his parents and family at his side. Praise God he had seven precious months with his family to be surrounded by love and was not put to death at the hands of doctors. May Joseph rest in the loving arms of his Heavenly Father surrounded by all the angels.”

Back in March, I pointed out that:

What is not reported very widely is that the couple’s first child who suffered from the same condition did receive a tracheotomy, at the parents insistence, and died a horrific death at home. That child suffered from infection, followed by pneumonia and eventually choked to death… it just took six months of additional suffering for this to happen. The physicians were rightly concerned on behalf of the quality of life of their patient to do as the family asked.

This time it took only five additional months for the baby to die after our priestly heroes intervened. They’re slipping as they get older, I guess, but any additional unnecessary suffering is a real feather in their theological caps.


  1. It is fitting that the minions of their god would intervene to keep the baby (and the family) suffering as long as possible. Their god thrives on human suffering–it inflicts so much of it every second of every hour of every day. In the name of their master, a psychotic, psychpathic, sociopathic deviant mythological being, they have put these people through much unecessary grief.

    Comment by Davey — September 28, 2011 @ 10:42 am | Reply

    • I don’t blame the priests for making the family suffer; they wanted their baby home and knew perfectly well that meant: extending their baby’s suffering in exchange for for their own selfish desires to keep him alive at any cost. After all, they had done this before… (and if the same tragic circumstance arise, they’ll do it again). It is notoriously difficult to care for a trach at home without introducing infection, complications from which is how their first brain dead baby died after six months of pneumonia and fevers. So they are not idle bystanders or duped innocents; they knew exactly what they were doing – against sound and compassionate unanimous medical advice – and were willing allies of these deluded priests… men of ‘the cloth’ who will never forgo the colossal arrogance and immense gall necessary to assume medical issues fall under their moral supervision because they believe their faith empowers them to be both judge and jury. In effect, there is zero difference between these priests blinded by their certainties and the 9/11 hijackers blinded by theirs. Anyone who respects rather than condemns this kind of faith-based certainty is to blame for its continuance and the suffering of real people that results from it in action.

      Comment by tildeb — September 28, 2011 @ 11:17 am | Reply

  2. Eric MacDonald at Choice in Dying has called Priests for Life “Ghouls for Life” and compared them to vultures. He is so accurate.

    In his blog post “Baby Joseph: A Life Worth Living,” Father Frank Pavone continues to praise himself and Priests for Life for saving Baby Joseph from the “arrogance of medical and legal professionals who presumed to judge the value of his life. . . .” Pavone and Priests for Life fed off Joseph’s suffering: they got to baptize Joseph; however, one wonder why parents who “trust in God” would wait so long to baptize a dying baby. In addition, Priests for Life asked for and most likely received donations to help the organization keep its promise to pay all Joseph’s medical expenses.

    Priests for Life is a devious and deceitful organization. My comments on Pavone’s blog resulted in my name and email address being used to email me to support Priests for Life’s projects to interfere with a woman’s decision to chose. Pavone is so arrogant that he end his blog post with these words “we will continue to counteract the culture of death and restore protection and equality to all, born and unborn,” when he knows that his church has done nothing to protect the born; it has exploited and abused them.

    “Baby Joseph: A Life Worth Living” at

    Comment by Veronica Abbass — September 28, 2011 @ 8:10 pm | Reply

  3. […] to Questionable Motives (Tildeb) for the link to the Windsor Star report on the death of Baby Joseph. Remember him? […]

    Pingback by Religion is a Sick and Cruel Joke « Choice in Dying — October 17, 2011 @ 1:09 pm | Reply

  4. Veronica has come across some pretty good information lately about Pavone and thought I might be interested in updating the comments.

    So what has Darth Pavone been up to lately? Well, we find out that ‘the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God’ according to Pavone who is trying his best to divert his bishop from looking too closely at Priests for Life books, which apparently has brought in between 7 -10 million in donations a year since its inception in 2004 but now has a shortfall of about 1.5 million dollars. Maybe private jets for christ is a bit over-the-top, donchaknow.

    By all means find a way to make the innocent suffer before dying a horrible death – that’s ‘good’ catholic theology in action under the banner of a ‘natural’ death – and raises oodles and oodles of cash from those who think the diligent work these stormtrooper ghouls do honours the Invisible Sky Father’s wishes, but if you cost the RC church any money or try to harm its stellar reputation as a pedophile’s wet dream …. well now, that’s a whole new level of sin and one is recalled to someplace just west of Amarillo for review! Fortunately for a priest such as Pavone, he still gets to visit Prayer Town, a tiny Franciscan charismatic religious community near Cal Farley’s Boy’s Ranch. Am I the only on who thinks advertising a nearby boy’s ranch for a catholic retreat is smothered from top to bottom in ick?

    Comment by tildeb — December 27, 2011 @ 5:18 pm | Reply

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