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October 16, 2012

What does hypocritical religious bullying look like on websites?

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It looks like “your comment is awaiting moderation.”

Over at the blog Eternity Matters, for example, we read the thoughts of a man who claims that god “has given me the passion and the opportunity to share the Gospel with countless atheists and agnostics.” Okay. The guy says he wants to share. Sharing is good. I like to share my thoughts, too.

So I read his posts. Granted, they are often vitriolic diatribes against anyone who dares question his certainty that god has determined that all abortion (but not the supposedly god-sanctioned spontaneous kind) is a moral obscenity, but this is not a surprise given that he thinks that god also specially selected him with “a passion to get involved in the pro-life issue, which I consider to be the most important moral issue of our time.  I’ve been a volunteer at CareNet Pregnancy center as a counselor, teacher of pro-life reasoning classes and board member – where we try to save lives now and for eternity.”

This guy honestly thinks he represents god’s eternal will in this matter.

Oh, my.

In the news lately is the tragic suicide of bullied Canadian teen Amanda Todd and we hear many comments from those in positions of authority about what can be done to reduce the bullying that causes so much unnecessary grief. One in particular grabbed our blogger’s attention, and of course he has to twist it into revealing a liberal attempt to thwart god’s will about the immorality of anyone so misguided as to support a woman’s legal right to choose what is done with her womb.  Here’s the first part of his post:

As my brilliant wife noted, abortion is the ultimate bullying: A weak, defenseless, unwanted human being is literally destroyed.  The innocent victim is de-humanized and left completely unprotected.

Now the Democrats want it to be funded by taxpayers, including pro-lifers.  So they quit being “pro-choice” and are now completely pro-abortion.  They think that there aren’t enough abortions in our society and they want to force pro-lifers and religious organizations to pay for those abortions.  That is the opposite of choice.  It is also racist, as those abortions will certainly increase abortions in the black community beyond the current 3-to-1 ratio relative to whites.

You might think that is as extreme as you could get pro-abortion-wise, but that would mean you hadn’t read this: Ontario Catholic Schools Forbidden From Noticing That Abortion Is Wrong.  Yes, they consider it bullying to even mention pro-life reasoning in Catholic schools and they are glad to trample religious freedom and free speech.  This is what you get when you vote for Liberals.

It always bothers me when people assume that public education is the right channel to promote a religious agenda… in this case the immorality of medically responsible abortion services. This approach utterly fails to reveal why the need for therapeutic abortion services is a matter of medical concern and turns it into a black or white moral issue fueled by religious zealotry. It is this zealotry that is misogynistic because it is aimed solely at women to at least impede if not eliminate their legal right to have access to have any say over the contents of their uterus’. It fails to make any room at the inn of religious certainty for professional medical services based on best practices when it comes to an occupied uterus. Eternity Matters (EM) insists that curtailing the teaching in publicly funded schools that abortion is a moral obscenity is an even greater form of bullying than that imposed on Amanda.

So I decide to share my thoughts about EM’s one-sided post and comment…

Telling children what to think with public education dollars equals religious freedom. Teaching children how to think is bullying. Riiiigght.

Why don’t you check out what it is like to live in a country that has codified into law these catholic ‘moral’ precepts and then report back on how well your anti-choice position combats misogyny? What gets lost in all the anti-choice noise is the concern for respecting women’s health and providing proper access to health care services directly related to it. When you place this concern somewhere beyond the filter of your moral precepts, you are exercising misogyny. Why is is (sic) it your job to tell others what is and is not moral? Do you honestly think that women are not capable of considering the moral ramifications of their choices so they need to be told… by men like you?

The result? My comment is held in moderation while others are allowed to post supportive comments! After many hours, I comment again,

The heading in the comment section reads, “So, what do you think?”

I comment and you ‘moderate’ it out of existence because….? You show that you don’t care what others think when you do this; what you really create is simply an echo chamber by allowing comments that support your view while you censor criticisms of it. This practice shows your intellectual integrity in action, and it is lacking.

One would think that for someone with such certainty about your moral superiority and clarity of god’s objective moral authority you are quite willing to impose on others, you would be willing to take on all comers because your position is strong. Obviously, it’s not and you aren’t up to the job because you fear that the criticisms of the opinions of those with whom you disagree are simply beyond your ability to adequately address. And doesn’t that show better than anything I can say why theology like yours in practice is identical to intolerance and tyranny. That makes you a bully! Well done.

Because such people as the blogger at Eternity Matters are bullies, they need to be exposed for the cowards they really are… the cowards who hide behind their ability to moderate dissent.


  1. If some is being insulted or dishonored by someone, so it is necessary to reply him for his doing. We provide the coaching of anti bullying programs in which we teach our students about fighting against Bullying activity or elements.

    Comment by seonett — November 2, 2012 @ 6:40 am | Reply

  2. When I comment on Christian anti-gay posts, often I get my comment allowed, then told I am going to Hell, by a long chorus of those echoes. Your comment is at least read by the blogger.

    Thank you for the follow. Do come over and comment- I would be interested to hear what you think of my brand of mysticism. There are even rationalist elements to it: for example.

    Comment by Clare Flourish — November 4, 2012 @ 11:47 pm | Reply

  3. I wish there wasn’t a moderation feature. It’s not just censorship (which I’m already against), but it’s a highly biased censorship. If someone doesn’t want their opinions criticized, then why do they post them on the internet?! Such arrogance and foolishness. I am proud to say that I never block any person’s post on my site, regardless how much I disagree.

    Comment by The Great Antagonizer — April 22, 2013 @ 5:57 am | Reply

    • Yes, usually it is censorship; it’s also usually a form of lying or false advertising. Asking others for comments and then moderating out only the critical ones is really an invitation to say only what the blog admin wishes you to say or be denied the right to say it in the name of what isn’t true, namely, politeness and etiquette, when in fact one is being targeted for not for how one says it, which is the justification used for moderation, but for what one says. To cover up this usual kind of dishonesty exercised by the blogger is what lies behind the motivation to moderate every comment.

      I’m not dishonest, so I don’t moderate every comment, and I’m glad you don’t either.

      Comment by tildeb — April 22, 2013 @ 8:04 am | Reply

      • I in fact enjoy letting people post really ignorant comments. It’s so much more fun to aggressively demonstrate how an ignorant person’s thinking is idiotic and not having to worry about hurting their feelings because I already know that they are not a nice person 🙂

        Comment by The Great Antagonizer — April 22, 2013 @ 8:09 am

      • I think the quality of the comments stand or fall on their own merits… merits that can be further explored and revealed if necessary. If that process yields no movement then I think moderation is fine. I have been tempted to use it with really obstinate people but as you say, exposure and criticism rather than censorship really is the most effective response.

        Comment by tildeb — April 22, 2013 @ 8:39 am

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