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May 11, 2020

Is the Trump Administration the First Postmodern American Regime?

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Postmodernism - english

No matter how much I wish this were not so, I think there’s a very strong argument to made that it is. But at what a cost!

James Lindsay does just that in his article/podcast at New Discourse called Age of Narratives and The Postmodern Democratic Regime. He explains far better than I ever could what Modernity means in the creation and maintenance of liberal secular democracies by way of shared values and how Postmodern beliefs in action relentlessly attack those values with the effect of causing great harm to liberal secular democracies, harm to science, harm to reasonable discourse based on mutual respect for what’s true, harm to mutual respect for the rule of law, harm to the mutual respect for regulated capitalism, for free speech, and so on. The evolving result in which we find ourselves living , as postmodern ideology becomes ever more institutionalized as public values, is the Trump Administration. It’s not a Right wing/Left wing problem at all but a Postmodern problem under populist leadership. Because we know this Administration effortlessly uses and discards as needed the partisan political divide to its own disruptive ends to gain ever more political power over the narrative, while at the same time politicizing everything into narratives it can spin to its own support regardless of truth or facts, we have difficulty making sense of it. Why don’t facts matter? Where did the concern for respecting what’s true go? Why don’t good reasons and compelling evidence have any sway?


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