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May 11, 2020

Is the Trump Administration the First Postmodern American Regime?

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No matter how much I wish this were not so, I think there’s a very strong argument to made that it is. But at what a cost!

James Lindsay does just that in his article/podcast at New Discourse called Age of Narratives and The Postmodern Democratic Regime. He explains far better than I ever could what Modernity means in the creation and maintenance of liberal secular democracies by way of shared values and how Postmodern beliefs in action relentlessly attack those values with the effect of causing great harm to liberal secular democracies, harm to science, harm to reasonable discourse based on mutual respect for what’s true, harm to mutual respect for the rule of law, harm to the mutual respect for regulated capitalism, for free speech, and so on. The evolving result in which we find ourselves living , as postmodern ideology becomes ever more institutionalized as public values, is the Trump Administration. It’s not a Right wing/Left wing problem at all but a Postmodern problem under populist leadership. Because we know this Administration effortlessly uses and discards as needed the partisan political divide to its own disruptive ends to gain ever more political power over the narrative, while at the same time politicizing everything into narratives it can spin to its own support regardless of truth or facts, we have difficulty making sense of it. Why don’t facts matter? Where did the concern for respecting what’s true go? Why don’t good reasons and compelling evidence have any sway?


March 18, 2020

Why is Critical Social Justice theory the Covid-19 of liberal democracies?

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Here is a long article by James Lindsay that articulates what I have been railing against for two decades: the rise of anti-liberalism in our western societies – including religion. I think it is by far the best explanation I have read to date and urge readers to take the time to read it.


December 4, 2019

Female Erasure: the sustained attack against women’s sex-based rights and freedoms

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This not some some sideline issue but a growing trend in public policy to appease the transactivist lobby at the direct expense of gains made by women in the public domain. I have asked my elected representative to find out how and why convicted male abusers are being housed in the same prisons and sharing the same common areas as their victims. I kid you not. Other than a response of eventually getting back to me… crickets.

Convicted males claiming female identity are allowed access to their victim targets BY OFFICIAL POLICY. This is unconscionable stupidity and cruelty in the name of placating the promoters and defenders of Identity Politics in general and indoctrinated supporters of gender fluidity by feelings specifically. But this is only one small example.

That’s why this issue needs a much wider audience from those still able to rub two neurons together. Read it and weep at how easily we allow our elected representatives to step aside and allow the True Believer inmates to run the gender-based insane asylum throughout the public domain. Of course, banning critics of the gender-based insanity sweeping the public domain from the public domain is the primary tool used by its ideological defenders. That’s a clue….


January 25, 2019

Look how ‘fringe’ Valerie Terico has become!

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Valerie has written a very clear post here about this similarity I have raised between the group-based anti-liberal ‘woke’ culture and evangelicalism. Because she’s a former evangelical (whereas I am not), she takes the time and makes the effort to carefully lay out twelve areas of close similarities in an article well worth reading… not because these points mirror my own observations and encounters but because they are written much better!


January 3, 2019

What is critical thinking and what does this have to do with my criticisms of GroupThink and the resulting rise of Identity Politics?

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How we think determines what we think. And this matters if we’re going to collectively turn the tide away from either this totalitarian ideology of GroupThink or its populist response, both of which are equally pernicious and destructive to our Western liberal democratic founding principles.

To understand just how important criticism and critical thinking by every citizen is to our liberal democracies, we need to look at how we think, which I often refer to as a methodology, a means to recognize the framing of issues and concerns all of us face and evaluate how this framing affects what we think. If this interests you at all and you wish to be a part of the solution, then sit back and follow my line of thought… critically!


December 29, 2018

Why is belief in Identity Politics a social form of inversion therapy?

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To be clear, I’m not talking about Aversion Therapy (where causing a strong feeling of dislike or disgust stimulus is paired with an undesirable behavior in order to reduce or eliminate that behavior) but a striking similarity with Inversion Therapy (where one hangs by the legs, ankles, or feet at an inverted angle with the intention of gaining therapeutic benefits). Belief that group inequity is evidence for a social power imbalance causing hierarchical individual inequality – systemic discrimination – relies on the same kind of faith that therapeutic benefits will be achieved by policies aimed at inverting this power hierarchy through awarding inverted group privilege. But there’s a catch: you have to first go along with an inversion.

Confused? Well, you should be…


December 15, 2018

Who are today’s Social Justice Warriors and why are they batshit crazy?

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Because they believe that equity of outcomes between groups of classified people is synonymous with achieving social equality between individuals, and so are willing to support, endorse, and apply whatever policies help to achieve this ideological outcome.


November 28, 2018

What is the new Sokal hoax – Sokal Squared – and why does it matter?

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Back in 1996, physics professor Alan Sokal submitted an article to Social Text, an academic journal of postmodernism studies. The idea was to test whether or not a leading academic journal in this field of grievance studies had any intellectual rigor for an article filled intentionally with meaningless terms and an idiotic conclusion that appealed to what Sokal suspected was the editors’ and peer reviewers’ ideological preconceptions. The article not only passed peer review but was then published and used as an academic ‘source’ for other grievance study ‘scholars’. This was the hoax and it exposed the field of grievance studies to be an ideological field and not a scholarly one.

Did this exposure by means of an embarrassing hoax have any lasting effect in academia regarding grievance studies?


November 17, 2018

The Snowball Effect: How does demographic data fuel identity politics?

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Demographic data is the means by which groups can be created and quantified.Image result for census data This data is then used to grant us the means to compare and contrast different groups. By doing so, we (not surprisingly) find differences. These differences are then presented with what appears to be an independent and objective hierarchy based on the selected criterion: higher and lower groups in the hierarchy. Membership is automatic: an individual who shares the criterion is member, as is one’s placement in the (obviously) unequal group hierarchy, which in turn defines the selected group disparity shared by all its members. Group disparity is then used as the evidence for group inequity and is the foundation for justifying political activism to address the group disparity. This is the core feature of identity politics in action… individuals acting on behalf of the group with which one has membership (or sympathy) and attempting to address the disparity using politics and legislation (or various immediate bullying tactics if impatient for systemic change) as the means.

Why is this a problem that is snowballing?


November 9, 2018

What have so many of today’s liberals managed to forget?

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Quite simple, liberalism

What does liberalism mean? (more…)

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